Intro to Creating your N.E.X.T. Workshop

(Limited to 25 attendees)

The United States government recently reported that there are 9.2 million jobs available. Unfortunately, the same number of Americans said that they wanted jobs and couldn’t find them.

Where’s the disconnect?

Take control. Know your options.

Post COVID trends have expanded markets and opportunities in business growth for employers and employees. Industries like AI, machine-learning, manufacturing and logistics are booming, and employers in all industries are desperate for new workers. However, the traditional approach to job searching is not working.

Before you decide to spend more time in applying for a new job, ask yourself these questions:

• Are you happy with your current search results?

• Do you really know all of your job options?

• What jobs can you get but don’t have to get another college degree?

This workshop is for those who are: 

• Unhappy with their current job-search and know something’s missing

• Experience-Rich job seekers wanting more options

• Open to “Unexpected Opportunities


I’m so happy! I’ve always used general terms in my online job searches like communications and marketing, which really weren’t interesting to me. This workshop helped me think differently and customize my search, revealing other business sectors and industries that I never would have

Mariana D.

I was shocked – I found a position that included everything I love doing, and it’s right down the street from me!

Meri V.

This is exactly what I needed! I’m excited to know that I have more career options than I ever expected.

Lorena G.

I realized my center of gravity. The process of identifying my keywords helped me become more focused, targeting specific types of positions that I really want.

Anuja A.

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