Behavior Diversity®  

This program is designed for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programming

Are you ready to….

Understand your own objective behavior and it’s impact on perceptions, performance, and leadership styles in the workplace?

Then this program is for you!

Think Differently

Experience deference, and transcend judgment of oneself and others. Increase your interpersonal and communication skills. Learn to accept your Self.


We all possess leadership skills; we lead differently. Learn your specific leadership style and how to leverage it for success.

Personal Fit

Gain and develop better understanding of your fit in a management/employee/team role with others, proactively identifying potential miscommunication and relationship conflicts, providing solutions before they develop into real problems.

Behavior Diversity®  is…

our behavioral differences that we can’t see, but greatly affect how we perceive others.

Why is this workshop is different?

With the increasing need for individual change and acceptance of others, Diversity and Inclusion training has increased but has fallen short in its effectiveness to create positive change.  Positive change happens through positive learning experiences.

The Equity Leadership Through Behavior Diversity®  training model provides leaders a framework for creating a positive learning experience of deference over difference.  Respect.  Individuals, across their many levels of difference, (external factors that we can see and behavioral differences that we can’t see), engage deeply to create positive experiences, accepting themselves and others, to achieve at higher levels while staying true to who they are.  


Virtual Workshop (2 Hours)

  • Engage in safe spaces that facilitate and supports positive experiences and change
  • Understand human behaviors, their relative scales, and their specific results that influence individual perceptions and beliefs.
  • Identify and learn how to bridge individual behavior ‘resistance gaps’ that reduce the potentially distorted subconscious perceptions of bullying, sexual harassment and increases organization innovation, engagement and retention.
  • Move beyond “Judgement”.  Experience acceptance of Self and others, learning the respect of ‘Deference over Difference’.
  • Learn how to communicate your unique leadership style
  • Customized Reporting – Detailed digital reports (PDF Format)
  • Download presentation for offline viewing
  • Access to private online group and monthly networking webinars and events

$395 per person

Group Workshops

  • Better Job Fit provides group discounts to other 501(c)3 organizations, (churches, Veterans, and youth, etc.), and groups over 10 participants.


Without you helping me to get my brain in the right mindset, I might never had considered the new job that I’m in now. I looked back at notes from our sessions when opportunities were presented to me and was able to turn down the ones that weren’t a match to me. It made it so easy. Thank you for all your help and advice!
Larry Anderson

THANK YOU!  After our discussion today, I was able to drop that baggage of shame, doubt, and focus on what I have to offer. To move on to the N.E.X.T. step in my transition I needed that psychological closure.  I am confident that with your guidance, I will be able to position myself for greater success while pursuing a much more rewarding career that better suits my talents.
Military Veteran, John Thomas

Working with you has been an absolutely incredible experience. You have been so patient and offered guidance through every step of this process. Each exercise with the assessment has helped me uncover more about what makes me thrive, and why I haven’t felt professionally fulfilled thus far. I am excited to create the best position for myself, armed with an arsenal of tools, skills, and self-awareness that would not be possible without you. Your insight, input, and overall guidance has been invaluable. Thank you!
Ivette Ortiz

Working with Jan has been a fast track to career enlightenment!  The assessment tool she uses gave me great insight into the non-negotiables for me in the culture, management style and day-to-day duties of my ideal job & company.  It also helped me in interviews to ask thoughtful and productive questions to understand if I would be a good fit for a specific position & organization.  But the tool wouldn’t be that impactful without Jan’s expert guidance and coaching, not to mention her enthusiasm and compassion!
Nicole Cochran

What is included in the cost?
Workshop price includes:  Online assessment, 2-Hr. virtual live workshop, invitation to private online Behavior Diversity and monthly webinar, networking events.
How is the program structured?
This is a virtual workshop that will have breakout rooms, open forums and chat features.
Do I get to keep the test results?
​All participants will receive their customized results electronically.
Where did this test originate?
The assessment was originally designed by Profiles International
How is this different from the Creating your N.E.X.T. workshop?

Although both workshops use the same assessment tool, the CYN workshop is career-centered, providing customized job-match options and opportunities.  BD  training is equity-centered, creating experiences of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Is this workshop designed for individuals or company teams?
​This workshop benefits individuals, department teams, managers and their direct reports.
Do you offer refunds?
​No.  Once the job-match assessment has been completed, services have been rendered. Participants not able to attend will have access to event recording for a limited time.
Do you offer discounts or scholarships?
Group discounts are available.  Scholarships are considered on an individual basis.
Do you offer discounts for groups?
Absolutely!  We welcome the opportunity to customize a workshop for you.  Please provide your contact information and we will call you.
I have a non-profit organization, how can we work together?
We collaborate with other non-profit organizations on various levels.  In addition to special pricing, we can also bring added value to your donors/sponsors, by facilitating a workshop at your location, as host.

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