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We Are….

Better Job Fit is a catalyst and facilitator of change for businesses and individuals in transition. We specialize in assisting individuals through professional transition, identifying strengths and strategically creating a plan for success and helping businesses strategically align their employees through the different stages of corporate growth.


To provide leading-edge educational resources that disrupt professional “Group Think” while advancing individual and collective innovation for change.   


Create a consciously advanced global workforce, realizing and working to their fullest potential. 


To create individualtransformative change by revealing unexpected career opportunities and disrupting limited beliefs about self and others.

Janet Barlow

The Founder

Jan Barlow

In 2007 Jan Barlow experienced the joys of being at the height of her business development career and hired for a challenging position, aligned with her strengths.  Three months later, after being assigned a new manager, she was positioned to fail.  

Forcing herself to work in a changed position, of which she was not aligned, created so much stress it manifested itself physically, causing her great loss personally and professionally.

Experiencing the negative psychological and physical effects of bad job fit, Jan vowed as her life’s work to help position people in their strengths.  To help create individual, transformative change by revealing unexpected career opportunities, (scientifically aligned only to ones’ strengths), and disrupting limited beliefs about self and others.

When Jan’s not working on Better Job Fit projects, she enjoys exercising outdoors, traveling, cooking and laughing with friends and family